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EpsiMu® is a device that determines the complete set of electromagnetic properties in the microwave spectrum for all sorts of materials: solids, gels, liquids. It consists of two coaxial guidelines, of different dimensions, that allow retrieval of the complex permittivity, permeability, conductivity, loss tangent, and S-Parameters of material samples, up to 8 GHz or 18 GHz. The EpsiMu® coaxial cells need a calibrated precision Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) for operation.

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Permittivity Measurement System EpsiMu

Our Products

EpsiMu® 7mm cell is conceived for high-precision measurements of thin solid samples up to 18 GHz.
EpsiMu® 7mm cell covers the frequency range between 1 MHz to 18 GHz. Solid samples need to be shaped into a cylindrical sample-holder with internal and external diameters of 3mm and 7mm respectively. EpsiMu® 7mm gives precise measurements for samples as thin as 2 mm and as thick as 3 cm. The EpsiMu® 7mm Kit includes the 7mm coaxial cell, EpsiMu® v5.0 dedicated software, two adaptors for your coaxial cables, and all other necessary tools to operate the cell.
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EpsiMu® PE13 has been specifically developed for materials other than solids, up to 8 GHz.

EpsiMu® PE13 measures the electromagnetic properties of liquids, gels, powders and granular materials, covering a frequency range between 1 MHz and 8 GHz. The specialty of the PE13 cell is its detachable and watertight sample-holder, available in several sizes, ranging from a minimum volume of 0.65 cm3 to a maximum volume of 3.25 cm3. With its watertight sample-holder system, EpsiMu® PE13 allows preparation of toxic materials under a confined environment, such as a fume hood, or fragile materials in an environmental chamber. Once the material is sealed inside the sample-holder, it is safe to conduct measurements without compromising the integrity of the fragile materials or the safety of the user.
The EpsiMu® PE13 Kit includes the coaxial PE13 cell, EpsiMu® v5.0 dedicated software, two sample-holders, two adaptors for your coaxial cables and all the necessary tools for operation.
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EpsiMu® PE13 & 7mm Complete Kit includes the PE13 and 7mm coaxial measurement cells, the EpsiMu® v5.0 dedicated software, adaptors for your cables, and all necessary tools to manipulate the cells.

In case you do not have a VNA, we are happy to propose our complete system, the EpsiMeter. It includes the EpsiMu® Complete Kit, EpsiMu® software v5.0, coaxial cables and connectors, and an Anritsu Shockline™ VNA with an N-type calibration kit, available in two frequency range options (8 GHz or 20 GHz).
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The EpsiMu® PE25.4 (1 inch) is a completely independent cell, specially developed to measure 1-inch cylindrical soils cores.

The dedicated accessories allow the user to easily insert soils and aggregates resulting from core drilling.

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EpsiMu®offers specialized solutions: PE100 and PE50 cells.

EpsiMu® PE100 (external diameter 10 cm) is intended for large-granulate concrete; the EpsiMu® PE50 (external diameter 5 cm)  has been created for the dielectric measurement of granular soils and other compounds. In these cases, measurements are limited to 500 MHz and 1 GHz, respectively, due to the cells' considerable dimensions.
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EpsiMu® software v.5.0 has been recently launched with many new functionalities, besides its improved graphic interface.

New graphic displays, customizable plugin section, calculation algorithms for increased precision, and graphic display of measurement uncertainties are just a few of our new features.
Check out the software's 5.0 new features right here. All EpsiMu® measurement devices come equipped with dedicated EpsiMu® software that allows direct acquisitions with your VNA (please check VNA compatibility) and displays electromagnetic parameters. Currently, EpsiMu® v5.0 allows direct acquisitions with the Anritsu MS20XX series, the Anritsu Shockline™ series, Rohde & Schwarz ZNB, ZVL and ZVA, Keysight N5222 and E5071, via a LAN or USB interface.
If your VNA is not compatible, the measured S-Parameters from the VNA saved as .s2p file format can be imported into the EpsiMu® v5.0 environment for processing and retrieval of the electromagnetic parameters.

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