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EpsiMu® 7mm cell is conceived for high-precision measurements of thin solid samples up to 18 GHz.

EpsiMu® 7mm cell covers the frequency range between 1 MHz to 18 GHz. Solid samples need to be shaped into a cylindrical sample-holder with internal and external diameters of 3mm and 7mm respectively. EpsiMu® 7mm gives precise measurements for samples as thin as 2 mm and as thick as 3 cm. The EpsiMu® 7mm Kit includes the 7mm coaxial cell, EpsiMu® v5.0 dedicated software, two adaptors for your coaxial cables, and all other necessary tools to operate the cell.
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EpsiMu® PE13 has been specifically developed for materials other than solids, up to 8 GHz.

EpsiMu® PE13 measures the electromagnetic properties of liquids, gels, powders and granular materials, covering a frequency range between 1 MHz and 8 GHz. The specialty of the PE13 cell is its detachable and watertight sample-holder, available in several sizes, ranging from a minimum volume of 0.65 cm3 to a maximum volume of 3.25 cm3. With its watertight sample-holder system, EpsiMu® PE13 allows preparation of toxic materials under a confined environment, such as a fume hood, or fragile materials in an environmental chamber. Once the material is sealed inside the sample-holder, it is safe to conduct measurements without compromising the integrity of the fragile materials or the safety of the user.
The EpsiMu® PE13 Kit includes the coaxial PE13 cell, EpsiMu® v5.0 dedicated software, two sample-holders, two adaptors for your coaxial cables and all the necessary tools for operation.
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EpsiMu® PE13 & 7mm Complete Kit includes the PE13 and 7mm coaxial measurement cells, the EpsiMu® v5.0 dedicated software, adaptors for your cables, and all necessary tools to manipulate the cells.

In case you do not have a VNA, we are happy to propose our complete system, the EpsiMeter. It includes the EpsiMu® Complete Kit, EpsiMu® software v5.0, coaxial cables and connectors, and an Anritsu Shockline™ VNA with an N-type calibration kit, available in two frequency range options (8 GHz or 20 GHz).
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The EpsiMu® PE25.4 (1 inch) is a completely independent cell, specially developed to measure 1-inch cylindrical soils cores.

The dedicated accessories allow the user to easily insert soils and aggregates resulting from core drilling.

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EpsiMu®offers specialized solutions: PE100 and PE50 cells.

EpsiMu® PE100 (external diameter 10 cm) is intended for large-granulate concrete; the EpsiMu® PE50 (external diameter 5 cm)  has been created for the dielectric measurement of granular soils and other compounds. In these cases, measurements are limited to 500 MHz and 1 GHz, respectively, due to the cells' increased dimensions.
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