For your convenience, we propose Magnetic Complex Permeability and Dielectric Complex Permittivity Measurement services for any type of material, in your desired frequency range. We provide quick and complete reports of the complex permittivity, permeability, conductivity, loss tangent and S-Parameters (S11, S21, S12, S22) of your materials.
With EpsiMu®, you may determine the impact of external factors on the electromagnetic properties of materials, such as material ageing, temperature, density and moisture content.


Measurement services of the electromagnetic properties are available in the frequency range 1 MHz to 8 GHz for liquids, powders, foams; and 1 MHz to 18 GHz for all types of solid materials.

With our Temperature Control System, especially develloped for the EpsiMu® cells, we are able to provide electromagnetic measurement studies from -30°C up to + 85°C (-22°F to 185°F) of any type of material. You may find a few references here and here.
Moisture Content

Entire range of moisture content (0% to 100% MC) can be characterized for porous or granulated materials, such as soils.


The density of a powder or soil can be characterized with a density equivalent to a pressure up to 2 ton/cm2. In many cases, the permittivity, permeability and conductivity of soils have a proportional relationship with density, being possible to extrapolate to higher unmeasurable densities.


The addition of foreign substances in a solution or material generally influences the electromagnetic properties. For example, specific salt concentrations can decrease the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in food; since conductivity is largely impacted by salt concentration, this is a determinant factor for food quality. We can establish a trendline to determine the concentration of a specific substance in your material or solution.

Multi variable studies

The electromagnetic properties of several material samples can be characterized as function of frequency and another parameter, to obtain a full variance spectrum.