Complementary Equipment & Accessories

EpsiMu® software v.5.0 has been recently launched with many new functionalities, besides its improved graphic interface

New graphic displays, customizable plugin section, calculation algorithms for increased precision, and graphic display of measurement uncertainties are just a few of our new features.
Check out the software's 5.0 new features right here. All EpsiMu® measurement devices come equipped with dedicated EpsiMu® software that allows direct acquisitions with your VNA (please check VNA compatibility) and displays electromagnetic parameters. Currently, EpsiMu® v5.0 allows direct acquisitions with the Anritsu MS20XX series, the Anritsu Shockline™ series, Rohde & Schwarz ZNB, ZVL and ZVA, Keysight N5222 and E5071, via a LAN or USB interface.
If your VNA is not compatible, the measured S-Parameters from the VNA saved as .s2p file format can be imported into the EpsiMu® v5.0 environment for processing and retrieval of the electromagnetic parameters.

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EpsiMu® High Temperature Control System | 25º to 85ºC (77º to 185ºF)

The EpsiMu® High Temperature Control System is an accessory for both EpsiMu® cells, to control the temperature of the sample inside the cell. The system allows measuring the temperature from room temperature up to 85°C. It is an independent system, with its own dedicated plugin for the EpsiMu® software.
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EpsiMu® Low Temperature Range Control System | 5ºC to 25ºC

Project in development - more news coming soon!
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